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The wines of Spain

Beach House Bar & Grill invites you to learn a little more about the interesting history of Spanish wines, intense in flavor and curiosities. The origin of winemaking in Spain dates back to the second millennium BC, and it is presumed that the first grape plants or Vitis Vinifera, come from the Spanish region Empordá-Costa Brava, and its activity, since then, has resisted devastations and wars, recessions and times of abundance, to be what it is now, one of the most important economic activities in this region. In Europe, wine production is very large.

Germany, Spain, France and Italy are its largest and most important representatives, the whole world can enjoy its different wines. But it is the Spanish wines that deserve a special mention, not only for their recognized quality or their great history in the world of wine, but also because their tradition and love for this drink make it one of the best in the world. to the classification of Wines are called denomination of origin, since they come from very specific places, a denomination of origin is a specific area where an agricultural or food product whose characteristics are given by that geographical location is produced and elaborated.

The D.O. They have been regulated and legislated over the last century, from the 1932 Wine Statute to Law 24/2003 on Vine and Wine. From a legal point of view, the D.O. they serve to designate and protect a product belonging to a certain area, but they imply much more: traditions, customs, myths, legends and the history of those places, Spain being one of the main locations with nuances that make its vineyards the preferred by what they offer to the palate.

The denomination of origin that appears on the labels of the different wines does not only refer to the geography, that is, where it was made, and in wines it takes on an even more important relevance, because it is often decisive for its quality and there is probably no other like it in the whole world. It must be remembered that Spain has a larger area of ​​vineyards than France and Italy, but its production is lower, and this must be a symptom of the concern for quality over quantity. At Beach House Bar & Grill we have a great wine list so you can enjoy them in our place with the best atmosphere facing the sea.

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