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Calle Cala Capitan 3A
cabo roig

Our Aim

When visiting our BeachHouse Bar & Grill, we hope to provide you with exceptional hospitality and an incredible dining experience.

Whether you come in for a casual breakfast or a celebratory dinner, our goal is to spread warm island vibes, transport you to the Caribbean through our mouthwatering dishes, and offer you a place of relaxation minutes away from the famous Cala Capitán Beach.

Natasha Lee

"The service, the food and the place are in another level, totatlly recommended"

Our Food

Simple yet elegant food is what we strive for. BeachHouse Bar & Grill is the place where you can kickstart your day with healthy and delicious breakfasts, and end you night with a delectable dinner, followed by drinks and indulgent desserts.

An abundance of aromatic spices, the freshest ingredients, high-quality meat and seafood, paired with Mexican, Cajun and Creole influences creates an unforgettable dining experience. We hope that you treat yourself to a memorable meal at the BeachHouse Bar & Grill.

"Not just your regular restaurant
Beach House made a long journey to make the difference...”


"Best rated restaurant in town enjoy live music Wednesdays and Sundays”

Sophia Samoa

"Love the way they made everything from the floor to the roof, I love it..”

Elijah Smith

Our Story

For more than 20 years, we have been dreaming of opening up a restaurant on the beachside, serving up simple, delicious food. It all started on our first romantic trip to Cuba, where my wife and I were having lunch everyday at a beach bar, overlooking the water.

Ever since, we have never stopped fantasizing about having our own restaurant, bringing back memories from our trip.

For us, being surrounded by the sounds of the sea, the warmth of the sun, and the rustle of palm trees, while indulging in delicious food is the definition of luxury.